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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Claridge And Matthews

John Mills Get Past Robbie Matthews At Winchester Last Saturday
Salisbury manager Steve Claridge has said he is 'disappointed' in the way Robbie Matthews has make his decision to leave and join Winchester.

Matthews made his debut for his new club against Hereford last Saturday.

"I am disappointed with the way this has come about - Robbie was made a very good offer but chose not to accept it," said Claridge as reported by the Southern Daily Echo.

"Robbie said he would ring me at a certain time and didn't, and that was the end of it."

Matthews has since suggested that Claridge had offered him a lot less money after helping with promotion last season.

He also claims that he wouldn't play much and would always be injured.

"I rang Claridge exactly at 9pm he didn't answer so left a voicemail." said Matthews. 

"Nice one Claridge."

Matthews scored 13 goals in 32 appearances for Salisbury last season.