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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beadle Reacts To Allardyce News

During his post Slimbridge press conference, Peter Beadle was asked about the news that Sam Allardyce was no longer the England manager.

"I played for Sam, I worked for Sam.

"When he got the managers job I thought it was perfect because if anyone is going to stir the passion in players he would because he's a great motivator.

"He's also a very switched on manager.

"But whatever has happened has happened.

"Same old England isn't it.

"We feel as though we are making steps forward and then we take three steps backwards again.

"I suppose now it's going to be who gets the hot-seat next and they will be extra double cautious now.

"It a shame because I was hoping to see him do well and as I said I've worked with him. He's a top fellow.

"Unfortunately these temptations are there for players and managers these days and you just never know who's there."