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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

We're Not Right At The Moment Admits Beadle

Hereford manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media after tonight's game against Mangotsfield.

Interviewer Trevor Owens started by asking about the game.

"Someone said it was like Newcastle when Kevin Keegan was in charge," said Beadle.

"We've been poor in two games and we've got away with it. Last year we didn't get away with it in the early doors part of the season.

"I thought certainly through pre-season we looked sharp and lively but for whatever reason in the two league games we haven't been anywhere near ourselves I don't think so and we said at half time you've given yourselves a perfect start you should now go on and totally dominate the game.

"But we don't and we let them back into it, same thing as last year poor goals against and then we work hard.

"Second half we put some passes together and we create a chance and John puts it away and literally two minutes later a free header from a corner and it drops and they smash it in.

"You do all the hard work but tonight I thought we probably weren't the best, Saturday I thought we were better especially second half but tonight we just never seemed to get going.

"I'm a little disappointed to be honest. You can get carried away either way as it's so early in the season but we are not right at the moment and we might have to change things around a little bit."

It was a perfect start.

Aaron Birch Scored Hereford's First Goal Of The Match
"Great start. I don't know what the fall was over that side or whether it was a foul or out of play. Everybody stopped at one point and they stopped and Pablo carried on and nicked it then we scored from it.

"First five minutes great start, at home in our first home league game. But it like we got a goal up and like last year, many times last year, we took a step backwards and we enticed them onto us and we gave away another poor goal.

"They are basic errors, we talked every game last year. Any wide free kicks if there's one player on the ball we'll only have one man out there. Tonight for some reason we put two out there so we're a man short in the middle. Rob was supposed to be in the hole but ends up half and half, doesn't quite pick up his man and he heads it in.

"And like I said to Rob who is experienced enough to know the player is the danger, space is not the danger. If everyone is marked up and you mark your man then that becomes your responsibility. Rob's tried to do a bit of both and I don't think he meant to pick him out. It was a great delivery and a good head but a soft goal on our part.

"And we put ourselves in trouble with the foul. What Joel was doing there to give the foul away, why didn't he just stand up, but we do it to ourselves, we shoot ourselves  in the foot constantly and we've got to stop doing it.

"We've got to stop making games hard work because we are in a new league playing against better teams and we're not going to keep getting away with it."

Mills scored Hereford's secong goal thanks to a great run by Jimmy Oates.

Jimmy Oates With His Run That Led To John Mills's Goal
"I think Oates has been fantastic. In our first two games I think he's looked strong, powerful, willing to go and join in. I think he's been fantastic so far in the two games.

"And John does what he does best, puts the ball in the net. You give him a chance and he'll put it in there.

"People say he should be starting but then you could pick another different eleven or someone else to have his position. 

"At the end of the day we are doing what we think is right and like I said it was a good finish. And he had nearly had another one with his chance near the end which he put wide."

Jamie Willets Rises Above His Marker To Score Hereford's Third
Defender Jamie Willets scored the winning goal for Hereford,

"Fantastic header. Again another one who looked extremely nervous tonight throughout the game, probably tried too hard at times but his header was fantastic.

"Like I said we're delighted to have six points on the board in our first two games but we know we are nowhere near where we should be at the minute in the way we've performed both with the ball and without the ball. We need to be far better."

"Yes it's been a good start with the points but you can't get carried away with it. The performances have been nowhere near what they should be and we'll talk about it Thursday.

"The good thing at the moment is that the games are coming thick and fast, we've got another home game on Saturday.

"The pitch has been fantastic tonight. Hopefully it will be slick again on Saturday, we'll turn in a better performance and hopefully get the result to go with it.

"We are in a points winning business and obviously winning the points is great but I demand more than that. We've got too many players at the moment who aren't performing to the standards they have set. They'll have to step up to the mark or they won't be in the side. That's why we've got the strength we've got.

"I like to win with a good performance."