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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The League Is More Important Than Any Cup

After today's win, Hereford FC are set to travel to Romulus in the next round of the FA Cup.

Does manager Peter Beadle know anything about them?

"Nothing!," he replied.

"The League is the b-all and end-all for us this year. The Cups are a side attraction.

"We want to do well in them, of course we do.

"But we won't do that at the cost of not doing well in the League.

"It would be nice to go through a couple of rounds and see if we can tempt ourselves with the first round, that would be nice

"The old club had the tradition, we've got to make our own one this year and hopefully over the years to come."

Beadle was also asked about Tristam Plummer not being in today's squad.

"His hamstring just stiffened so we took him off as we want to be careful with him and his fitness. On Wednesday there was a bit of a reaction to it so we didn't want to risk him.

"He'll be back into training on Tuesday and Thursday so hopefully okay for next weekend."