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Saturday, August 13, 2016

It Should Have Been Ten Said Beadle.

Peter Beadle Talking To Former Player Jamie Laird
Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to the media after his side defeated Bridgewater 6-0 this afternoon at Edgar Street.

"I'm pleased and the performance was better as well," said Beadle.

"Clean sheet and six goals but as always I'm extremely critical and it should have been ten with the chances we had without the ones we didn't create in the play.

"The lads were much better today, we looked a bit more fluent, the passes were pretty much on blob with most of it, so it was good.

"We created chances and they never looked as though they were going to threaten at the other end."

John Mills Scored A Hat-Trick
John Mills partnered Mike Symons in attack and between them they scored five of Hereford's goals. The supporters relished that said interviewer Keith Hall.

"Yes, I'm sure they did. Symo got two and Millsy got three so I'm sure they would do but we try and do what's right for the team to find a balance and today it was a little bit better than it was on Tuesday so it's given us food for thought.

"We both know the qualities they bring to the team. John's always going to be a crowd favourite with the goals he scored last year but John also has to add certain things to his game to be part of this team he knows that and he's stepped up today and took his goals extremely well."

Ryan Green was back in the starting eleven. As expected Chris Barker was left out of the 16.

"Ryan has been out for a long time. It was his first actual game time and as it turned out it couldn't have been a more perfect game for him to play in and he knows he'll be sore tomorrow but hopefully he'll be okay for Tuesday.

"He brings something different to the table again. Like I've said it's about finding the right sort of blend and balance and I thought throughout the game today we looked much more fluent than we have been and we were a constant threat in the end."

Rob Purdie
Rob Purdie played at left back as Joel Edwards was on the bench.

"No issue, I just think that he needs a rest.

"Joel has played most of pre-season and this season with a couple of constant niggling injuries and because we are demanding so much from everybody I think he's probably just not quite reached and obviously being club captain he wants to do so well he's probably been trying too hard and I think a little bit of a rest to recoup some of these injuries and get them better and a little bit of time out of the team will do him the world of good.

"It was purely just to change, but it worked today because we looked more balanced and we didn't look as frantic at times whch Joel can be because he's so keen to do well.

"So we just changed it today and it worked. It looked more fluent, more balanced and we created chances." 

Hall told Beadle that Hereford were now top of the table.

"I'm more interested in making sure my team perform well, apply themselves with the right attitude and we keep picking up results.

"Let's look at it again in February/March time and if we're still there then, then we'll give ourselves a good chance.

"At the end of the day it's three games in."