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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bridgwater Will Get Better Said Beadle

In his post match interview Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle was asked about Bridgwater.

"They are a young side and I know Craig Laird (manager) extremely well. He's done extermely well. He's working with some young players, he's a fantastic coach, my oldest son played with him for a spell going back a few years now.

"I know his budget might restrict him to what he can bring in, he's working with an extremely young side.

"I wouldn't be surprised as the season went on they start picking up more and more results and being better and better.

"It's only the third game of the season and it's early and everyone's coming back now. there's been a lot of people away.

"He will try and play a certain style, I think there's a fine balance between playing and over playing as we saw today we caught them a couple of times and we should have punished them more than we did. But it didn't work out for us on that front.

"They will get better as the season goes on."