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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Worthwhile Test Said Beadle

Peter Beadle Along With Two Supporters
Speaking to BN after this afternoon's friendly at Lydney, Hereford FC manager Pete Beadle said it had been a worthwhile test.

"It's a decent workout but I'm a bit disappointed with the second half.

"When we made the changes with the ones that came on bit disappointed with their tempo.

"Fantastic surface, great pitch, really welcomed by them and they gave us a decent game.

"Towards the end they tired a little bit and we managed to sneek a few goals in towards the end but a worthwhile test again for us.

"Obviously ideally keeping clean sheets breeds confidence but it was a great goal.

"It was more about the way the goal was conceeded than the goal going in. May be the intensity wasn't quite there when we made the changes, he skimped through far too easily. Things to work on and things to get better at.

"Good day, we're glad they invited us down and the pitch was decent and they were decent too so a good game." 

Two young trialists were in the starting eleven.

"They've done fine, it's never easy to come into a new club especially one like ours where the team did so well last year.

"They've worked hard, Jamal (Lawrence) scored a good goal today and Ben (Deakin) showed he's got a sweeter foot and he's nice and sharp. Hopefully maybe next week we'll have another look and see how they go then and then we'll make a decision with them. They've done fine up to now."

Any other trialists en route?

"We're just waiting for Joe Phillips to come back off holiday, he'll play some part on Tuesday.

"At the moment we're just waiting for one or two things to start dropping, obviously players are still on trial at other clubs and we're waiting to see what happens with them. As I said to them after the game this club will always evolve and keep changing, always will.

"Last Thursday I think we only had five from that group on Thursday that played at Pegasus last year so it shows how much things have changed from last season. It will be the same again you either want to be part of it or you don't want to be part of it. If you don't earn your place here then you won't be.

"We'll keep looking for good players. If we can bring in players within the budget then we'll try and do something."