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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Really Disappointing Said Beadle

Speaking to the local media after this afternoon's 2-1 defeat to Merthyr at Edgar Street, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle expressed his disappointment in the performance of his players.

"Disappointed, really disappointed," said Beadle.

"Awful start again, it's becoming a bit of our trade mark which I'm not happy about.

"And then just sloppy throughout the whole game, passes too short, some not even in the right areas.

"And for me it felt like the boys were just waiting for someone else to do something, for something to happen.

"I just said to them in there you can't wait for things to happen sometimes and I'm not prepared to take excuses about disruption because some people are away, one or two with injuries or knocks or things like that.

"It's pre-season so I'm not worried about the result it's the performance.

"And the performance today after Tuesday was nowhere near good 

Chris Jones
There was one fresh trialist in the starting eleven this afternoon, Chris Jones a winger.

"He's been around a little bit in fact he's just come back from Canada where he's been for six months.

"Great for him as the team he was with in Canada they got into the playoffs so we had to wait a bit longer for him to come in.

"I thought he did great today, first half he looked bright and sharp and lively so we'll see how he goes.

"We might keep him for a little bit longer to have a real good look at him, I thought he did fine today."

The defence was missing Jimmy Oates and Jamie Willets along with Ryan Green who will remain sidelined for another two weeks.

"I think the whole team was poor from one to eleven. Chrissy did okay first half, Joel didn't do bad first half but the players you expect so much more from I thought it was a little lacklustre, a little bit flat.

"Don't get me wrong we've worked hard pre-season but they can't say they've had too many minutes or not enough games. The ones that have are people like Chris Barker who has had to play every game because of injuries or holidays and with Nathan (Summers) leaving he's had to play nearly every pre-season game.

"So the others have got no excuses really.

"Yes it was makeshift a little bit, two midfield players playing at the back but Rob (Purdie) has played full back in games in the Conference and probably in the League so he's more than capable of playing there and Jamie (Edge) played a few times as a centre half in the Conference South last year with Weston so he's more than capable of playing there.

"That doesn't take away from how poor both goals were.

"I could play centre half and I would be disappointed to conceed two goals like that.

"I'm disappointed and they need to be better."

The last three friendlies have been against higher opposition and Beadle admitted they had been a huge test.

"They've given us a marker of where we are.

"I thought we did extremely well for fifty minutes against Kidderminster, I thought we did extremely well for fifty minutes against FC United. Obviously at FC United with the changes all coming out at one disrupted it a little bit so I don't mind that but today was nowhere near good enough.

"Like I said we've had a few changes and we have to change the shape a little bit and we've had to change personnel a little bit but that doesn't take away from the fact that I felt they wanted it more than we did.

"It doesn't matter where you're playing or who you're playing if they want it more than you they are going to win and they did today."