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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kiddy - Another Game to Look Forward To Said Beadle

Hereford United At Kidderminster In January 2013
Hereford FC travel to Kidderminster on Tuesday for their fifth pre-season friendly of the summer.

Kidderminster are in Conference North this coming season along with FC United whom Hereford played yesterday.

The friendly has been re-branded as the Steve Millington Memorial Trophy.

"Another game to look forward to," Beadle told BN yesterday.

"Another good challenge for us.

"They are full time so their fitness levels are going to be great.

"Different type of game for us where it is going to be one of them where they will have more possession than we do, but it's what we do with it, like today first twenty five minutes we didn't have much possession but after that we did well with it.

"I'm looking forward to the game, it's another one to look forward to.

"I know they've turned it into this cup competition which is great as I think the reason they are doing it is fantastic.

"Obviously the old club felt that the people at Kidderminster really helped them out and tried to steer them in the right direction and now they are going through similar times maybe not as bad as the old club went through but they are going through tough times and if we can help them out then it's a great.

"And it's good for us because it's going to be against a team that have just come down from the top league of non-league football and will be hoping to bounce back."