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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bideford Settle Tax Debt

Bideford who are set to play in the Southern League South and West this coming season have settled their tax debt.

A petition lodged by HM Revenue and Customs on June 23rd was cleared by the club last week.

"We were in a situation where we were told we hadn’t paid everything the tax man thought we should pay from last year,” director Ian Knight told the North Devon Journal.

“We thought we had but HMRC did some more digging and said they wanted more money from us. They wanted us to sit down and talk, we have done that, paid back the money and sorted it all out last week.

“The club has paid off all its debt to HMRC and it will be the first time the club is just running on loans. In 1987 the club went under and we formed under the new banner, and it is the first time since then that this club has been debt free.

“We have got a new finance manager in place – Peter Ellis – we have four new directors on board and the club is now looking to move forward with a year of consolidation and then try to get back to where we were last season (Southern Premier).”