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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Lease Extension Deal Set To Be Completed By September

The discussions to extend the lease on Edgar Street are expected to be completed by September BN has been told.

The club needs an extension of at least 25 years to enable certain grant money to be accessed.

Hereford FC CEO Ken Kinnersley has confirmed that a meeting between the club and the Herefordshire Council took place last Monday.

‘I think that both parties are satisfied with the way our talks are progressing and I’m pleased to report further meetings are planned for the near future," Kinnersley told the OS.

‘Hereford FC have already committed to considerable expenditure this closed season and there are a number of projects around the stadium we wish to undertake. However, doing so with such a limited lease is just not feasible.

‘We will continue discussions with Herefordshire Council during the coming weeks and aim to provide a detailed update as soon as information is available.’