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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wembley Is Surreal Said Oates

Jimmy Oates - BN Pic
Hereford FC defender Jimmy Oates has spoken to the Australian press about playing at Wembley tomorrow.

"Not playing (at Wembley) was something I came to terms with a few years ago and for it to be actually happening is very surreal," Oates told Sporting News.

"I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to play Wembley.

"I don't think it's going to feel real until I take a step onto it."

Oates moved to England with his girlfriend to study strength and conditioning at Hartpury University. From there he was recommended by former team-mate Marc Richards to Peter Beadle at Hereford.

He joined the Bulls last August and has played at right back for the club for the majority of the season.

"In terms of wanting to experience English football I couldn't have come to a better club," Oates said.

"The supporters are unbelievable - our home game average attendance is roughly 2,500 and a huge amount of them travel to all of the away games.

"The passion and love they have for their town and football club is epic."