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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We Were Made To Work Hard For It Admitted Beadle

Jonny Evans, Matt Bishop, Peter Beadle and Roger Lloyd
Hereford FC picked up their third trophy of the season by winning their Midland League Cup final against Walsall Wood last night but afterwards manager Peter Beadle told the post match press conference that his team were made to work hard for the victory.

"I think they were a really good side," said Beadle.

"Sometimes we complain about the games and how many we've had lately but we've had a week off now and it showed in the first twenty minutes.

"But once we got going and got back in the game and we got the goal, I thought we did really well toward the end of the first half, got the second goal and I thought we were in control.

"It was pretty even-steven throughout the game and they really gave it a go fair play to them. On another night they could have scored another goal or two and made it really tough for us.

"It was a tough game for us anyway but we're just delighted we've got another one in the bag and I just said to them they need to celebrate properly!"

There were two quality finishes for the first two goals?

"Yes and we couldn't see how close Mills's was, he had a great chance as well. Simmo's was a great finish, good strength and a nice finish.

"And then Ross showed what he was about, he hasn't done it enough this year but tonight I thought he had a good game, a steady game and his finish was a great strike."

Interviewer Trevor Owens felt the referee 'did really well', two of the goals were two good advantages being played which could have been free kicks.

"Certainly with the last one but the way he was going again, there wasn't a really bad challenge in the game but I think we had three or four booked and they had a few as well. It wasn't really that sort of game but he did fine.

"I thought both teams went at it, did it in a decent manner and he played great advantage for the last goal."

Mention was made of Adam Jenkins, the Walsall Wood keeper, did well to keep the score down.

"Again he did, he had another good night. I think he did quite well at our place in the league game which we won 2-1.

"We could have been a couple down in the first half, they had a couple of good chances, a corner across the face of the goal right at the beginning, then they scored their goal so we could have been two down before we got back into the game.

"I thought they all played well. They did themselves no harm whatsoever tonight, credit to their club. I thought they stuck at it and they really gave it a go."