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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The City Has Bought Into It said Beadle

Along with the all the memorabilia sales, Hereford will receive £17,500 for being Runners Up in the Vase. In the post-match press conference, Beadle spoke briefly about finances:

"I think we’ve sold every single shirt we’ve had, we’ve sold every one," said Beadle when asked about the financial benefits of the trip to Wembley.

"Someone put a picture on Twitter of the shop with all empty rails and empty shelves, and that’s only because the players have done what they’ve done this year.

"The city has bought into it because of the runs we’ve had through the league programme and obviously in the cup have really got people excited again.

"Commercially and financially, as long as we keep attracting the support that we are it’s huge. 

"To have 20,000 here, probably 1,000 of them would have had club shirts on, but that doesn’t count for anything unless we continue this momentum next season."