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Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Been A Very Emotional Time Admits Chairman Hale

Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has admitted he will probably cry when the team runs out onto the Wembley pitch on Sunday.

"It's been a very emotional time for us of course and I'm sure Wembley will bring all those emotions flooding out to be honest for all 20,000 fans," Hale told BBC Midlands Today.

"Everybody around the city and the county have come together over the last twelve, fifteen months whether as a supporter, a volunteer, a member of staff, a player, the whole club has come together and we go together as one to Wembley and have a great day out.

"I think it's a story of people coming together with skills, with passion, with effort, the fact that we are all volunteers doesn't matter because we are all in the same boat and we all want the very best for Hereford FC.

"On the back of three trophies in the cabinet which has yet to be built but three trophies so far, the players have been absolutely superb this season, they've made this club this season to be fair to them.

"I'm very sure they will go out and give everything they've got and come back to Herefordshire with the Trophy."