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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Encounter with Lonsdale

While visiting a local garden centre on Saturday, one London Bull happened to bump into Andy Lonsdale. The bulls fan spoke to him and addressed his history with the club. Here is a summary of events:

The conversation began by asking AL if he had a ticket for Wembley for the Vase final. AL does NOT have a ticket and expressed his confusion when explained 18,000 tickets had been sold to Hereford fans.

The end of club was next to be discussed and Lonsdale still claims that his investment was approx £70k personal (which was lost). He went on to say two key things that need sharing:

1) He was NOT in a taxi on the fateful day of HUFC demise. He "had had enough".
2) Working with Tommy was a "mistake" as he feels that Tommy should have "put up or shut up" at the very beginning.

He continued to mutter ramblings about how HUST had this "plan" and things would come to light in the end. He went on to say Hereford should walk the Southern leagues and failure to do so would be huge mismanagement. His final comment from him was that he wished us luck for Wembley but he prefers watching Bedfont and Feltham as he has a more personal connection to that club!

Sad to say I don't think he will ever see what he did wrong and will certainly never apologise for his actions. He was happy to admit he gave up on HUFC but claims he was "never given a chance."