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Monday, May 02, 2016

Comfortable Winners Said Beadle

Peter Beadle Talking To Roger Lloyd and Mustapha Bundu
Hereford FC increased their trophy count to two this season after defeating Westfields 5-1 in the HFA County Challenge Cup Final this afternoon.

Afterwards manager Peter Beadle spoke about the victory.

"It was a really good performance from start to finish" said Beadle.

"We were patient and we took our time with things and we moved the ball quickly which I thought was really good.

"We ran out comfortable winners but again we given away a real sloppy goal and we could have scored far more than we did. May be it's that end of season feeling but we've got to be more ruthless and we've got a week now to let it rest and then we get ready for the next one.

Hereford scored three goals late in the first half which killed the game.

"We've talked about getting ourselves in front and then letting teams back into the game. They were three excellent goals and at half time we talked about making sure the first ten, fifteen minutes we started in the same vain on the front foot.

"I thought we did that but it took a bit longer to get the fourth. After that we could have had numberous, it should have been more."

Beadle made two substitutions after players were given yellow cards by referee Thomas Jones.

"Pablo picked up one for his first challenge and then their winger has done two in the corner, one after the other, and then a third one and he still didn't do anything about it. With the unpredicability of what they were going to do it was important that we looked after them as best we can and so taking Pablo and Sid off was more about looking after them.

"The referee took the action he needed to take. It did get feisty towards the end but I think that was purely frustration on their part.

"I think we've made a real statement today with the difference between the two. I thought we were excellent again. They've got some good lads and good players but as a unit we are far stronger than they are at the minute.

"So I think that was more frustration than anything, luckily it didn't boil over into anything more serious and luckily it didn't leave any of our players with injuries we had to worry about."

Jimmy Oates scored his first goal for the club today with a well struck penalty.

"If I think if it was up to the players he would have taken the first one at 0-0 which I was a bit concerned about.

"He got his opportunity, I didn't actually see the goal because I was too busy arguing with their dug-out so I didn't see it go in so I'm waiting for the hard-cam stuff to go up pretty quick so I can get a look at his finish. It looked like a good finish as I turned around to see it nestling. And it sounded quite convincing."

Interviewer Keith Hall suggested Beadle might consider Oates for penalties should they happen.

"I don't want to go to penalty shoot outs, I've been through too many of them!

"I'm glad for him because he has been one of our most consistant performers since he came back after his little spell at the start and then he had an injury and then he came back and since then he has been fantastic.

"Again, like Sid with his first goal at Coventry, like with Jimmy today you could see how tight the group are, even when he scored it all of them went to him like they did with Sid at Coventry.

"They are a fantastic group of lads to work with and they are great to manage and they've now out two trophies in the cabinet and we get ready now for the one next week."