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Monday, May 16, 2016

Catering At Wembley

With thousands of Hereford supporters descending on Wembley next Sunday, here's some information about catering.

Can I bring my own food and drink to Wembley Stadium?

Visitors are allowed to bring small quantities of food for personal use only. Food must be in disposable packaging, and in a small bag/rucksack.
Bottles and cans are not permitted into the stadium.
No alcohol is permitted into the stadium.
What catering facilities are available on Event Days?

There are 688 food and drink service points located around Wembley Stadium on the public concourses, as well as facilities available outside the Stadium on the outer public concourse, which encircles the Stadium.
Options available include; hot and cold food and beverages and confectionary.

How much is the food?

We offer a wide range of food and drink offers to meet our customer needs. Prices can range from £3.00 sausage rolls and £5.00 pies, to fish & chips at £8.70, with a wide range of products available that will vary dependant on the type of event and audience including popular favourites such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken and pizza. Drink prices range from £3.00 bottled soft drinks to a pint of Carlsberg at £5.00 or Budweiser at £5.40 (Budweiser sponsored events). Confectionary and crisp products are also available with prices starting from £1.30.
All products and prices are subject to change and availability based on event types.

Will the bars be open throughout the event?
Wembley has 108 licensed bars across all levels offering a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
In accordance with UK licensing and sporting legislation, the bars will be closed at specific times during each event and we also reserve the right to close these at any time.
The sale of alcohol differs by event in accordance with the event’s specific legislation. Wembley Stadium is a licensed property and alcoholic beverages are sold under the Licensing Act.