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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hereford Worthy Champions Says Coleshill's Haywood

Coleshill's Dave Haywood has said that Hereford are worthy champions of the Midland Premier League.

"I am really pleased for Hereford," he told the Tamworth Hearald.

"They totally deserve to win the league, they have been great from day one.

"They have had such an impressive run.

"It has been great to have them in the league. When we went to their place in August and won 5-4, there were nearly 3,000 people inside the ground.

"What an experience that was for our lads and, as much as I am pleased for them going up, it's also sad that we won't be playing there next season. It was a great night."

Hayward hopes his side can do better next season.

"With Hereford in the division it was always going to be hard this year. Put it this way, it would have taken a momentous effort from someone to have stopped them winning it this season.

"Next season could be interesting though and I think it will be very competitive."