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Friday, April 29, 2016

Four More Games For Bundu

Mustapha Bundu Scored For Hereford Last Night
It's almost certain that Mustapha Bundu will not be with Hereford FC next season but potentially he could still feature four more times for the club.

"We've still got four really big games," said manager Peter Beadle.

"We've got a big game tomorrow, a big game here on Monday, it's not classed as a home game but we're here.

"And we've got a really big game at the end of the month.

"Muss is having a little bit of a dip of form at the moment. I feel for him because there's so much expectation on him.

"But that's his own fault because he's been so good, the standards he's set have been really high but he's just come off the boil a little bit but again we've been really fortunate because when he's come off the boil, when Pagey got injuried he came in and when he went off the boil Sid has come in. So we've been really lucky with how we've managed the players.

"Muss has been brilliant this year, he's a great character, he's great to have around and he's scored lots of important goals and he's helped set up a lot of important goals.

"So we will miss him next year and I just hope wherever he's goes he'll be as happy as he has been here."