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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wasn't Me Guv

Andy Munsley looks back on the surprise appearances yesterday:
A day after the Official Receiver tells the Hereford Times that there are over 900 creditors of Hereford United, two of the chief protagonists in the demise of the club chose to break their silence over their actions.
Often the words 'trading insolvently' have been bounced around social media about Hereford United in the last two years. When David Keyte decided to stop covering his losses in late 2013 the club was effectively trading insolvently, unable to pay the ongoing bills, yet the company continued to trade. Repeated promises of investment coming 'soon' had seen wage payments occasionally delayed for more than a year before that, but the promises became more and more fragile as the belief amongst the fans in the club's chief shareholder fell away.
Then in August 2014, the Insolvency Practitioner declared the club dead and, more importantly, that no-one in their right mind would invest in it. A professional had given his advice - the club was finished. Yet Andy Lonsdale, initially under the guise of Alan McCarthy's ownership, continued to trade the business for four further months on even more broken promises of investment. A quick count up of the promises - including Tommy Agombar's Seven Million Pounds and Lonsdale's Five Million Pound supposed credit line claimed to the Court - suggest that there were close to Twenty Million Pounds of money in total supposedly available to Hereford United at various points of the last eight months. Barely a penny actually appeared.
Few believe Lonsdale's claim that he and Agombar put in over £600,000. The alleged investment figure fluctuated wildly, both up and down, while the pair were in charge and there is little evidence of that level of investment looking at the run down stadium and the Council claim that both terrace ends are not fit for purpose, while there are only 'tables and chairs' for the Official Reciever to sell off.
Friday's surfacing of two of the recent owners of Hereford United appears to be little more than an attempt to confuse the situation - to deflect the flak about to come from the Official Reciever as to whom is to blame for the collapse and mis-management of the club.
And I for one hope the Official Receiver sees through the chaff and hands the full quartet of shoddy owners in the past months their deserved punishment.

Poochi Fight Tonight

HUST member and Fans Team footballer Lewis Van Poetsch is boxing tonight at the O2 arena.

Poochi's fight is part of the card being aired on Sky Sports' live show from 8pm tonight, however it is currently not certain whether his fight will be aired live.

News Round-Up

Conference sponsors Vanarama have extended their deal into next season. Former Nuneaton chief Ian Neale has been found guilty of three counts of assault. Neale was found guilty of assault former Boro finance chief David Allen and two security guards at a charity event at the Ricoh Arena. Sentencing will take place on February 18th. 

Weymouth chairman Chris Pugsley has claimed that there are teams in the Southern League Premier with budgets of £10,000 a week. The Terras have slipped down the table in recent weeks despite having the largest home attendances in the division.

Kenyon To Push For Full Council Vote On Leases

Responding to a question on Twitter, IOC Councillor Jim Kenyon says Council Leader Tony Johnson can extend the leases to Edgar Street, but Kenyon will push for a full Council vote on the matter:

Eastleigh Add Another Ex-Bull

Eastleigh have added another ex-Bull to their ranks with Dan Walker joining the Spitfires on loan.

The 23 year old joins after spending the first half of the season with Braintree, making 20 appearances including 13 starts this season, and becomes the sixth ex-Bull currently at the club.

Meanwhile, former Bull Ryan Bowman was tested for a heart problem after complaining about heart palpitations during a match for Torquay two weeks ago. He missed the subsequent game while tests were done, in which nothing was found and he has been cleared to continue playing.

Support Local Football Today

Westfields are at home to Quorn in the Midlands Football League this afternoon.

The 3pm kick off sees the allpay.park outfit take on the side a point and two places higher in the table. Westfields boss Sean Edwards has two new players at his disposal with midfielder Adam Powell and striker Luke Corbett having signed on Friday.

Pegasus Juniors take on Wolverhampton Casuals in the WMRL Premier at Old School Lane. The game is also a 3pm kick off.

In the Herefordshire League, Hinton take on Lads Club reserves at Broomy Hill, kick off 2pm.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Keyte Breaks His Silence

Former Hereford United chairman David Keyte spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester this afternoon. He says he was prompted to do so after seeing quotes from HUST vice-chairman Martin Watson on Bulls News earlier today.

"Thank you for giving me a bit of airtime, as you know you and I could talk for three hours on this subject," Keyte told Trevor Owens.

"I've kept my own counsel for the last eight or nine months but there's been an awful lot of things said, usually at my expense, that have just sort of supported these various agendas which different factions have worked on to their own ends.

"I didn't hear the interview this morning but I tend to read Bulls News for my sins and I noticed the quote from Martin that said that the club had lost £1.5M in my four years which is quite frankly absolute nonsense.

"I just felt this was the one thing which would start me getting my two penny-worth into all this.

"The first year in my tenure we made a profit of £431K. If you recall we bought back the leases and wrote off the £1M debt to the Richardson Brothers which gave us a net profit of £431K end of year.

"The next year was the year we were relegated from the Football League and we chased that a bit, we tried to avoid it and we ran up a loss of about £400K.

"And then in our first year in the Conference we had a similar high £400K loss. Technically the final year of my four years I don't think anybody to this day has closed the accounts off because we finished before the year end.

"But if you say a similar £400K or so, the loss in the four years was less than £1M and the directors at the time funded that £1M out of their own personal money."

Keyte was then asked if he regretted not selling to the Supporters Trust.

"I didn't have the option, they never came back.

"We met the supporters trust group which significently did not include Chris Williams, their chairman, who was unavailable. But Martin and four or five other people came along. 

"We met. We being the board of directors, Dave Preedy, Bob Pritchard, Colin Addison and we listened and we heard their offer of £1 which you might appreciate from a personal point of view for all of us was quite close to insulting.

"We asked the question which you would expect in a business meeting proof of funding, as we were looking for £300K to pay immediate debts, which they couldn't supply.

"We wanted to know who would do the due diligence for them, bearing in mind they were a community at that time of about 400 members. We needed some idea of who would come in and do due diligence and they couldn't give us an answer to that."

Owens then pointed out that the claim always was that you (Keyte) would not let them see the books.

"David Keyte refused to let HUST see the books, David Keyte murdered our club. The facts are we left that meeting and the next day Martin Watson put out an agreed statement, which I had agreed - he had been good enough to share it with me, which said 'it was an amicable meeting and that they had left to seek advice from Supporters Direct'.

"And it was on these very topics of how do we accommodate due diligence in a private limited company when we are trying to talk for four hundred members and how do we give proof of funding when we have about £5K in the bank but we think through pledges we could get to whatever money they thought they could.

"I've read since from Chris William's quote that £220K was offered. Never, ever offered in that meeting. He wasn't there and then they never came back.

"So we were left with two outside investors to choose between and rightly or wrongly we went with Agombar.

"I'm not going to speak for the last period that he was involved and Lonsdale because quite frankly it was shocking.

"But we had sold having decided as a board we could go no further. Personal finances. We could take it no further. We needed to find outside investment which we were publicly saying for the last six months of our tenure. So let's clear that one up for once and for all."

Owens suggested that the setting up of a phoenix club was a sensible move.

"You could call it a sensible move. This Hereford FC was opened on April 1st 2014 by two people named as directors, John Hale and Chris Williams.

"When it became clear that Agombar was going to fail, they started to introduce that publicly as the saviour. It had been opened on April 1st when a lot of people were still trying to fundraise for the old club.

"It will all be opinions won't it. But as I speak now there will be half of Hereford saying let's not listen to him he killed our club. But the facts are that there are some interesting twists of personalities.

"How could the HUST be making independent decisions on behalf of their members when their chairman Chris Williams was already set up as a director of Hereford FC. 

"How can HUST make independent decisions rather than just go with there's no other choice but to go in with these mysterious benefactors who could have, probably could have come forward and saved the 90 year old club at no more, lots of figures have been banded about Trevor, but I know for a fact that Andrew Green, the Agombar accountant, and Lonsdale himself were arguing between whether it could be £700K or £750K."

Finally Owens asked Keyte whether he regretted selling to Agombar given 'you said it's not the vicar coming to buy the football club' and it was obvious he wasn't going to pass the FA's fit and proper person test.

"Well it was more about the case that the previous directors had decided to call it a day and he was the only person that came forward."

Council Statement On Ends Of Edgar Street

Herefordshire Council have issued a short statement about the two ends of the Edgar Streeet Stadium.

Statement relating to the north and south stands:

The end terraces have been excluded from the lease as they require considerable expenditure to bring them up to a safe and usable condition; there is sufficient capacity in east and west stands to meet the likely spectator capacity.

There are no firm plans for these areas at present. Any future plans for the stands and how they can best support football will be discussed with the preferred tenants.

Watson Responds To Lonsdale

Martin Watson was interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester earlier today. The HUST vice-chairman was asked about an interview given by former chairmam Andy Lonsdale.

"It just seemed to be a bitter last rant from somebody whose continual lies were exposed time and time again," said Watson.

"They took over on May 28th. Within two weeks we were kicked out of the Conference because they refused to pay the bills after having told everybody they were going to pay everyone.

"They went back on what they said they were going to do almost immediately. 

"They said they were not after the leases until Herefordshire Council admitted they had a meeting and a request to transfer the leases to one of Tommy Agombar's other companies.

"We've talked for a long long time about a phoenix club. When the supporters trust was set up there was always a discussion.

"The simple fact was that during David Keyte's four year reign the club lost £1.5M.

"There was a company on paper but nothing else was set up and that company could have been used for anything.

"If they had come in and paid the bills like they said they would, it would have carried on fine. There was never any problem with that.

"We kept the same line all the way through. We gave them chance after chance after chance and they lied to the fans, they lied to the players, they lied to the staff, they lied to the Council, they lied to you on Hereford and Worcester, they lied to the press, they lied to everybody, they did it time and time again.

"Andy Lonsdale threatened me personally.

"He's claiming abuse and he kept on saying he would go to the police about it but the police appear to have received no reports.

"He seems to be making up a history that doesn't exist.

"You can't stop hundreds of people commenting on things and you will get one or two at the extremes and that's always the case.

"We've repeatedly stated that none of this abuse is done in our (HUST) name. We've repeatedly stated that."

As for the future?

"We've got to open negotiations with the Council and secure the ground and look to build towards next season. That's going to be done with the fans backing."

Have you got anything to say to Lonsdale and Agombar?

"There's nothing left to say to them. They came here and treated the club and the fans appallingly and the players and the staff.

"The vast majority of people are glad to see the back of them and from the comments H&W are receiving today it seems that people are quite disappointed that he's been given air-time today."

UITC success could come at a cost

With a good first six months of the season completed, players from our age ranges are starting to get noticed by clubs.

Our main aim this season was to be the unofficial youth team to Hereford United, training up our U18s and offering them to the first team as players to use. With everything that went on we ended up keeping as much distance from them as we could without losing our affiliation and worked at getting our boys ready for first team football wherever that may of been.

With a new Hereford FC hopefully being formed we would of course like the same type of affiliation but with no funding this year now coming out of Edgar Street, and everything up in the air, the players will be taking up some other offers available to them.

Carlos Moriera, one of the stand out performers this season in our U18s, spent last week at Coventry City and they want to offer him a youth team deal. Education is a stumbling block at the moment and they hope to sort that out so at the moment he remains with us. Joe Davies should sign for Wellington when fully fit and I need to speak to a local manager about 2 other players that impressed on Wednesday. Also, Lewis Fletcher looks likely to sign for a Southern Division League 1 team. That's is 5 players alone that may have been playing first team football at Edgar Street, and 5 players that may now not available for a new club.

On top of that our younger age groups have been scouted. James Aurelius of our U16s spent a couple of days at Leicester before Christmas and from that has been contacted by a league 1 and 2 team. A player that turned out for our U15s has been asked to go down to Fulham for a trial.

All of these players can move on for free, we don't have a hold on any of them as we aren't the youth team set up for a club. A club would be due money the same as with Billy Murphy and Jarod Bowen who both were part of set up and moved on for free because of the failings of HUFC this season. If a player moves from Chelsea's under 15s and is signed by them to play in their competition they would be due compensation, unfortunately that is not the case with us as we don't have that club affiliation.

It is double edged for us. We don't want to lose any players as we hope one day to be in a position to present them to a football club and make sure they don't go anywhere for free, but on the other side it shows how well we are doing here. Players getting spotted by league clubs makes us know that we are achieving our aims with these boys all the way down through the age groups. 

Anyone who wants to join us to come for a trial in any of our age groups should go onto our website we are holding open trials for our U18 team in February and want a strong squad of 30+ for our Development and Performance teams so if you want a chance of making it in football and have been overlooked then please get in touch.

Rob Purdie

Supporters Drove Lonsdale And Agombar Out Of Business

In his interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester broadcast earlier this morning, former Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale claimed that supporters drove him and Tommy Agombar out of the business of owning the club.

Nothing that wasn't already known emerged during the interview and afterwards some supporters felt the H&W must have been short of material this morning to have bothered to run the interview.

"We put in a lot of money, a lot of money, in excess of £600K," said Lonsdale.

"We came into the club in May 2014 at the time when there was a winding up petition from Martin Foyle in place.

"Any business man who didn't care about the heritage of the club, didn't care about the fans, eventually put their club into liquidation and started again losing the history, losing the heritage, and losing the name of Hereford United football club.

"What we didn't take into account was the fans and the hidden agenda which we found out later on and has come out in social media since. 

"It's come out now that the phoenix club that they've set up now, Hereford FC, was actually formed in February 2014 before we even started talking to David Keyte. So they knew what they wanted to do.

"Basically they tried to drive us out of the club.

"The fans are the backbone of the club but at the end of the day there are financial obligations for the club.

"They were offered to buy the club but they decided not to. They decided to start again as a phoenix club and that was in place in February. They knew what they were going to do.

"If David Keyte didn't give them the club, they were just going to get it closed down. That's obvious now."

Lonsdale was asked what happened to drive them out.

"Basically social media, phone calls, text messages, where does it stop?  At the end of the day it's a football club.

"I can understand the fans anger but they were venting their anger on people that never caused the problem.

"You've got Alan McCarthy, Alan McCarthy's wife, never even been to Hereford in their life. They got hold of her facebook account and her twitter account and started tweeting her and sending her messages via facebook, absolutely disgraceful.

"Towards me, towards Connie, towards Elki, and towards Alan McCarthy. Disgraceful behaviour.

"I'll tell you what I think of the fans. The core of Hereford fans are nice people.

"There are keyboard warriors out there who are hell-bent on making people's lifes a misery. And if you look at social media now, there are even in-fighting now because they've got nowhere else to play."

Lonsdale was then asked about the abuse reportedly left on a fans answerphone.

"It wasn't one of us, it wasn't one of the staff that's all I'm going to say.

"I've got a good idea (who it was). No it wasn't me."


Agombar And Lonsdale Lost £600K Claim

In an interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester, former Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale claims that he and another former owner Tommy Agombar lost £600K whilst running the club.

He also said that fans had a 'hidden agenda' against any potential investor and were to blame for the club's demise.

Supporters were already planning a new replacement club before he or previous owner Tommy Agombar put any money into it.

"It's a good business they are in promoting young players, bringing players through the ranks, selling them to the bigger clubs," said Lonsdale.

"That is a business in itself."

Lonsdale was then asked how much money the two chairman put into the club.

"A lot of money, a lot of money, in excess of £600K."

There's more on this after 8am on BBC H&W. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pell Moves To Eastleigh

Midfielder Harry Pell has joined the band of ex-Bulls at Eastleigh.

The 23 year old agreed a mutual termination of his deal with AFC Wimbledon, having made just two starts this season, after two years with the club.

Pell joins Dean Beckwith, Chris Todd, Craig Stanley, and Will Evans at the Conference side.

Elsewhere, former loanee Jordon Mutch has signed for Crystal Palace from QPR for an undisclosed fee. The 23 year old cost QPR £6million in the summer from Cardiff but started only six League games.

Meanwhile Westfields have allowed their final two of Jon Taylor's 46 to leave the club. American Paxton Ballard and Spanish-based Paul Mahony are to both return to their home countries.

What's Lonsdale Up To?

Former Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale has recorded an interview for BBC Hereford and Worcester which is set to be broadcast during tomorrow morning's breakfast programme.

It is not currently known what the purpose of the interview is but HUST vice-chairman Martin Watson is expected to respond to it.

Lonsdale rang Watson yesterday morning, leaving the following message:

Meanwhile Lonsdale has been contacted by the liquidators of Hereford United. They need to question him about the demise of the football club and how it came about.

Finally HUST board members are due to meet this evening for a discussion which will include a look at the draft lease for Edgar Street.

Edgar Street Lease 'Guidance'

The Football Ground, Edgar Street lease guidance

Applications should be made no later than midday on Thursday 19 February 2015 and returned to:
The Director of Economy, Communities and Corporate Services
Herefordshire Council
Plough Lane Offices
Applicants will need to be available to provide a formal presentation to an executive member panel on Monday 23 February 2015 (time to be advised).
The successful applicant will be offered the grant of a lease to be effective from 1 March 2015 until 31 July 2017.
For informal enquiries and the arrangement of site visits please contact either:
Ian Higgs
Development manager
Tel: 01432 261569
Tony Featherstone
Head of Corporate Asset Management
Tel: 01432 383368
Criteria for the assessment of applications for the grant of the lease for the Edgar Street Athletic Ground, Hereford
  1. Evidence of strong governance arrangements to include ownership structure and control
  2. Financial plans demonstrating how the organization will effectively meet all outgoings as they fall due over the full term of the lease. These should include details of any proposed investment needed to improve and maintain the facility
  3. Long term plans for the clubs development
  4. Health and safety competence and the ability to manage the grounds safety compliance
  5. Details of plans for investment in local talent and engagement with local Football Association and youth structures
  6. Details of engagement with local stakeholders and the local community. This should include proposals for any partnership activity and delivery arrangements
  7. Arrangements for any non-sporting activities
  8. Understanding of terms included within the lease for the facility
Applicants should include details of their solicitors acting in connection with this matter.

Council Deadline Of Feb 19th For Edgar Street Bids

Herefordshire Council have released draft lease documents that set a deadline of Noon on February 19th for bids for the Edgar Street leases.

The documents include a map of the leased areas (marked red):

Further Inside Edgar Street

It used to be the Vice Presidents Club... it's the breakfast bar - with an empty space where the TV used to be

The engraved bricks are still there

The rarely seen switch room is from an earlier era entirely
Presumed extinct, a family of lesser spotted season tickets

Do The Council Want A Football Club?

Bulls fan ScramBull is confused and worried about the lease offer from Herefordshire Council:

So what’s this lease offer all about then?

Personally, it’s got me wondering whether Herefordshire Council really want a football club at Edgar Street at all.

Basically, what I’m sure most supporters want is a stable, well-run club that they can support and be proud of for many years/decades to come. I certainly do. 

So, with that being the case, how does the council’s lease offer give the new tenant any chance of establishing itself properly and starting to build a new club we can all be proud of? 

I’m not too concerned about the fact that the two ends of the ground are not included in the lease offer – I believe a licence granting access is quite straightforward to sort – but I do have huge concerns about the fact the proposed lease is so short.

When more detail becomes available about the lease ‘offer’ there may well be ‘guarantees’ that the lease will be extended, but right now there is no sense that is the case. What I would ask then is this; would this type of offer be acceptable to a normal commercial business that was hoping to become a new tenant at a council property?

That’s the key for me here. For a new football club to be successful and sustainable it has to be a well-run business. The council’s offer makes that incredibly difficult to achieve as the lease available appears to offer no real long-term security at all.

Several councillors even pointed this out at the Cabinet meeting last week, yet still an unreasonably short lease forms the base of the ‘offer’ released yesterday.

How can it be acceptable to ask any investor, fan or sponsor to put money – and passion - into a new club if there is no guarantee that in two and a half years time it will not be thrown out of its home?
I’m no expert on HUST’s rules and regulations, but I’m not sure its Board – as ‘trustees ‘ - would be able to recommend to their members that putting money into a business/club with only a very short lease is the right course of action anyway.

And it’s actually worse than that, the property on offer here is a place that those responsible for the business will probably have to spend a significant amount of money on to make it ‘fit for purpose’ too. On the surface, hardly deal of the century this is it?!!

To be blunt, I’m baffled by the council’s current position, I really am. All the public bluster about wanting a new football tenant seems to be contradicted by the ‘offer’ they went public with yesterday.
What’s particularly galling for me is that 12 months ago the council seemed happy to discuss a much, much longer lease with the people then running Hereford United, despite the fact that everyone knew it had become a financial basket case. How can that be right? But then I suppose the Board back then were much closer to the council.......

Many cynics have suggested they have no real interest in ensuring Edgar Street remains a football stadium and that many councillors would get rid of Edgar Street without giving it a second thought.
Is the lease ‘offer’ therefore part of a plan to achieve this? Are the council trying to look like they are doing the right thing, while actually making it nigh on impossible for anyone to make a sensible decision that the lease on offer is a good one?

I genuinely don’t know the answer to the above questions, but, if the fears of many are correct and the plan is to remove the Edgar Street stadium, the current council can kiss goodbye to any chance of winning another term in office in May’s elections.

Essentially this lease offer could finish the job started by David Keyte, which was then carried on with such malicious intent by Messrs Agombar and Lonsdale.

Herefordshire Council has it in its hands to do the right thing here. I dearly hope they realise that and sort this sorry mess out once and for all so we can all get back to supporting OUR club at Edgar Street.
Or alternatively, they could be responsible for issuing the fatal blow for football at its spiritual home in our city. It’s a simple choice.

We need to #SaveEdgarStreet, we really do.

Nothing Of Much Value For Creditors Of Hereford United

The Liquidators of Hereford United has said that there is little of value that can be sold off to provide anything for creditors of the club.

Ade Daramy, Insolvency Service media manager at Bristol based Mitzi Mace, has told the Hereford Times that the company had about 900 creditors. 

"A notice will be going out for a meeting of creditors," said Daramy.

"Some assets - mainly chairs and tables - have been recovered but they are not likely to generate much.

“At this stage, it does not appear there is much that can be auctioned.

"There are a few sports equipment and memorabilia that may interest some fans, but there is nothing of substantial value.

"They didn't own any of the buildings because they were leased."

Telegraph Review Harry Harris Album

Harry Harris
Harry Harris - Pic Copyright
There's a review of the last album from Harry Harris in today's Daily Telegraph.

The review written by Martin Chilton praises the album which is entitled ' Songs About Other People' and, in particular, mentions Harris's song about Ronnie Radford, the world famous Hereford United striker.

The Welsh-born London-based musician shares the same name as a former tabloid football writer but this Harry Harris actually writes well about football, including a splendid tribute to the great FA Cup hero of Hereford United. But what makes The Ballad of Ronnie Radford so interesting is that it focuses on the player's life as a roofer as well as his goal against Newcastle United. It was a goal worthy of a song, it should be read. 

Football Funding Workshop

The Herefordshire Football Association is running a workshop designed to help clubs obtain funding.

Want to find funding for your team? Want to find funding for your club? Need funding for facilities or a project?  Or maybe just need some extra footballs?

The HFA can help!

In 2014, the HFA helped to bring in £321,000 in additional funding for football projects.

Why not come along to get an insight into the world of football funding?

Date: 18th Feb
Time: 19.00 - 21.30
Venue: HFA HQ
LIMITED PLACES: To secure your place at the workshop please contact Roger Goodwin via email:

Below are some examples of items the HFA have helped to get funded in 2014:

·          Footballs
·          Football Kit
·          Large Storage Containers
·          Changing Rooms
T    Temporary Floodlights (Portable ones!)
·          Creating new teams (16+)
·          Training Areas (Not 3Gs)
·          New Mower
·          Under Soil Drainage
·          Goalposts
·          Flooding Repairs
·          Creating New Teams
·          Coaching Qualifications
 Changing Room Repairs

Hale Asks For Council Meeting

Jon Hale has asked for a meeting with Herefordshire Council leader Tony Johnson to discuss the Edgar Street tenancy offer:

Meanwhile, Jim Kenyon has backed calls for the lease length to be increased. The It's Our County Councillor joins Independent Sebastian Bowen and Lib Dem Terry James in calling for the two year lease term to be lengthened.

UITC win first game of 2015

Young Bulls win in first game since December 10th to start second half of the season well.

Yesterday we played against a Chelsea team based in Dartmoor. Chelsea have 3 teams in the PLFL, one based at Cobham which is considered their number 1 team that we beat in the National Cup, and two others in different areas to broaden their horizons in recruitment. Chelsea FC (Dartmoor) are in our league and a 3-1 home victory took us above them to 5th, with games in hand on every team still remaining.

It was also our fist game since Hereford United were wound up, which means our end goal has now been changed. I said to the players before the game that their aim now should be to be playing at Edgar Street in the first game next season for the new Hereford team (fingers crossed) although unfortunately our success this season may see some players move on before then, something I will post about later on in the week.

To the game and we started very well, a 6 week break of games could of affected us but it didn't. It was easy to see we were the better team from the first whistle. We had the strong wind behind us and we made it count, keeping Chelsea mainly camped in their own half and deservedly took the lead. Matty Owens good ball in from the right gave the keeper a problem and Alex Lilwall was on hand to score into an empty net. Lilwall then on 32 minutes was felled in the box and Carlos Moriera put the spot kick away with confidence. Our passing was good and productive, the back four not scared to play to each other on a testing pitch and Lewis Fletcher in midfielder controlling the game for us. We created a few more half chance in the first 45 minutes and went into the break having not conceded a shot to Chelsea.

The team talk was tell them we need more of the same. Chelsea would have to come and do something against us as the first half was so one sided. I warned them of the wind now against us and that we had to battle hard in the first 10-15 minutes to make sure we didn't let them back in, and that our passing style would continue to win us the game.

The wind didn't effect us in the second half, but our discipline did. We have had a problem in games where we always go quiet and sloppy for around 20 minutes in the second half. We started well but the after the hour players started to do their own thing, stopped working hard and generally took their foot off the gas and it almost cost us. Players trying to take people on in the wrong areas, not getting back into their defensive shape and giving away silly fouls let Chelsea back in and they scored with 10 minutes to play from a free header following a set piece. In reality the game had gotten to comfortable for us and it had effected our professionalism. The goal kicked us back into gear and we had a couple of chances to score before Will Lawley put the game to bed in injury time. A great touch and finish after a quick break away and ball from Matty Owen gave the scoreline a more just feeling, but a better team would of made us pay.

If the aim is to get these lads ready for a first team then they can't let the scoreline of a game influence their discipline. If I was on the pitch I would of been having a go at a few players in the last 30 minutes and pulling them around and I told them that they need to be doing that to each other. I look at Matty James, Chris May, Lewis Fletcher and our returning captain Joe Davies to become men now and start to sense when it is happening, and let players know if they aren't doing their jobs.

In the end it was a very good performance. Their goal was the only shot on target they had and it fills me with confidence going into next weeks Quarter Final at Victoria Park with Oxford United. Oxford have been known to play their scholars in the competition so it could be a very tough game. Once again all are welcome and we would like to thank the 30-40 people that turned up to watch yesterday.

Team: Benn Pugh, Liam Taylor, Simon Morgan, Matty James, Chris May, Lewis Fletcher, Robbie Trumper, Carlos Moriera, Matt Owen, Alex Lilwall, Tom Gameson
Subs: Will Lawley, James Obern

What A Difference Three Months Makes To Tony Johnson

Herefordshire Council Leader Tony Johnson appears to have had a massive change of heart over Edgar Street over the last three months.

October 22 - "The ground is to stay as a sports field - football ground. That's what the covenant says."

January 23 - "Nobody can guarantee that football will be played there in one year, five years or fifteen years."

Bulls News has one question for Mr Johnson - what has happened to the covenant?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Talking Bull To Re-Launch

Talking Bull, the Hereford United fanzine, is hoping to re-launch in time for the first game of next season.

Those behind the venture report that Talking Bull will be available both in print and on-line.

Any Talking Bull profits will be split equally between for share purchase for match sponsorship.

TB can be contacted at

Herefordshire Council List Edgar Street For Lease Without Ends

Large Photo

Herefordshire Council have, late this afternoon, listed Edgar Street as available to lease on their property register - without the two ends.

The listing is behind a user registration demand, but contains the following detail:

The property comprises the football pitch, stadium, changing room’s bars and associated hospitality suites together with offices and private car parking. The east and west stadium, fronting Edgar Street and Merton Meadow entrance are purpose built buildings being approximately 35 years old. 

The east stand has seating for approximately 930 and incorporates the various hospitality suites/ bars together with the players changing rooms and admin offices. There are standing terraces to the north and south ends of the pitch, these are excluded from the leased area. The south terrace had its Safety Certificate withdrawn. West Stand – 1799 seating plus 1689 standing East Stand – 930 seating North terrace – 624 standing ( the above stadium capacity are for guidance only and occupiers will be required to apply for a Safety Certificate and spectator numbers will be governed by the Safety Certificate and may be lower than those stated above.) 

The Property is being offer on a new fixed term lease expiring 31 July 2017 at an annual rent of £10,000. Draft lease available on request. The tenant shall be responsible for all outgoings in relation to their occupation. Rateable value £41,250.

The listing also list contact details for the relevant person, in this case Ian Higgs the Development Manager of the Council.

News Round-Up

Torquay chairman Thea Bristow has not ruled out selling the club, and the local Council are now understood to be ready to sell the freehold to Plainmoor. The cash strapped club are currently undergoing a review of the business to cut costs, while a full takeover may be considered if they cannot secure additional investment.

Kidderminster have released captain Kyle Storer by mutual consent to further cut their wage bill. The Harriers say a clause in his contract made him unaffordable as they look to slash costs. The midfielder made over 150 appearances for the club and has now joined Wrexham. 

It has been revealed that former Nuneaton chief executive Ian Neale is alleged to have attacked the club's former finance director during the incident that saw him quit the club and face Court this week. David Allen quit the club in 2012 "dismayed at the behaviour" of Neale. Neale, who claims he acted in self-defence, is alleged to have attacked Allen, and two security guards, during a charity event at the Ricoh Arena. The trial continues.

Poochi Hopes For Sky Boxing Show This Saturday

This from HUST:

HUFC fan and HUST member and player Lewis ‘Poochi’ Van Poetsch has been up and down the country taking to the professional boxing ring wearing HUST badge on his kit and HUST colours! and this Saturday (31st Jan 2015) will take himself and the HUST to the iconic O2 arena in Greenwich, London.
Poochi, the 24 year old journeyman from Lydney in the Forest Of Dean, now residing Chepstow said:
‘Im super excited to be wearing the trust badge on such a big stage, normally I am up and down the country fighting prospects in small hall venues to build up their fighting records, this is a similar situation, but against a very tough opponent who is tipped for big things in the future and on a televised show on Sky Sports!’
‘There is no guarantee my fight will be televised at this stage, it all depends on when my fight is on the shows running order, I hope it will be televised in a hope to give HUST some more exposure on a bigger platform. I am very grateful of HUST for supporting me and giving myself some personal exposure for my boxing career!’
‘I’m not in the boxing game to go onto big things myself, I just love to fight and earn a few quid whilst doing so. I like to give these prospects a tough fight and hopefully teach them something in the process, and of course learn something myself, fighting on the big stages is a blessing and I hope to give paying customers a good spectacle to see.’
The fight will be fought over 6 x 3 minute rounds, against Essex based Lee Markham. Anthony Joshua was supposed to be the main attraction on this show, but has had to pull out unfortunately due to a back injury sustained in training, The main event will now be Kevin Mitchell who takes on Daniel Estrada in a World title eliminator.
Tune into Sky Sports from 8pm Saturday 31st Jan
Poochi thanks all HUST members for your support.

Even More Inside Edgar Street

The kit room was stripped bare

A leak in the Starlite Room roof
Bills had been stuffed into a drawer

And another leak in the boardroom roof

From The Archives - Cooksey Joins The Bulls

Image copyright Nigel Hill/BN
Fifteen years ago this week goalkeeper Scott Cooksey joined Hereford United on a month long loan deal from Shrewsbury Town.

It might only be a short-term move, but Scott Cooksey admits his one-month loan at Hereford United will play a big part in his long-term future.

The giant goalkeeper's Football League dream has turned sour and he accepts he has no place in Shrewsbury Town's plans.

New boss Kevin Ratcliffe has told the keeper, signed by previous Shrews boss Jake King for £15,000 18 months ago from Hednesford, that he will be given a free transfer in the summer.

But joining Hereford for a temporary spell will give him the chance to revive his career - and put himself `in the shop window'.

"I'm just looking forward to playing and getting some games," said Cooksey, who still has 18 months on his contract.

"It's been a bit monotonous playing just in the reserves and it's been frustrating.

"I haven't been given a chance by the new boss at Shrewsbury so this move to Hereford puts me in the shop window.

"I've been speaking to clubs about playing next season but there's nothing definite so I hope I can do well at Hereford and take it from there. If it becomes a longer term thing, that would be great."

Ironically, Cooksey was due to make his debut today (January 29th) for Hereford at Hednesford, the club he served for four years.

But the 27-year-old will be no stranger to being the one-time hero cast as the villain.

After leaving Bromsgrove Rovers to join Peterborough, he was loaned to Welling - and made his bow against the Greens.

It was the same story when he had a spell at Stalybridge - and Rovers were again first up.

"As somebody always says: `it's a funny ol' game'," smiled Cooksey. "It will be strange to be in the opposition dressing room at Keys Park, but all I'll be thinking about will be keeping a clean sheet."

The match at Hednesford was delayed was delayed due to traffic congestion and didn't kick-off until 3.45pm.

Traffic hold-ups were the problem, but not for the Bulls.

Half of Graham Turner's team live in Birmingham, and the delay was caused by the Pitmen's reliance on players based in the north-west, all of whom were stuck in the same jam on the M6.

As one was goalkeeper Billy Stewart and manager John Baldwin didn't have a replacement, the referee was forced to put back the kick-off until he got there.

Hereford had the last laugh, though. Rob Elmes got the winning goal with just 13 minutes left and, as one would expect from the man who spends his weekdays as a Sutton Coldfield schoolteacher, he's never late for class.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UITC Home At Victoria Park Wednesday

Rob Purdie's UITC u18 side face Chelsea (Dartmoor) tomorrow afternoon at Victoria Park.

The game kicks off at 1pm, with supporters welcome to attend. Refreshments will be available.

The Victoria Park site is on the Victoria Park estate, at the end of Field Grove View off College Road.

Hereford FC Song

The Hereford FC song has had a slideshow added to it:

McQuilkin Praised By Hargreaves

Former Bulls midfielder James McQuilkin has been praised by current manager Chris Hargreaves.

McQuilkin continues to play unpaid for Torquay since signing for them two months ago. He turned out as a full back at the weekend due to injuries.

Hargreaves told the local BBC radio: "He can do that because he's a really good player. I thank him so much - he's still not being paid.

"I've got so much respect for him because that man's fighting for his career. He's been absolutely magnificent, he's the type of character that I want around me at this club."

Despite his dedication to the club, the BBC struggle to get his name right:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Prize Bull Draw 36

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.36 took place on Monday night. The winning numbers are 12, 16, 17, and 19. Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

More details on the Prize Bull Lottery and entry forms are on the Prize Bull Lottery page.

Merton Meadow Capacity Slashed

The capacity of the Merton Meadow car park, which is right next to the Edgar Street football stadium, is to be slashed.

This from Herefordshire Council.

Due to the construction of the Edgar Street link road the number of parking spaces on Merton Meadow car park will be reduced from around 763 spaces down to around 190 spaces. Therefore the council is suspending the issue of season tickets for Merton Meadow car park to new applicants. Existing season ticket holders will still be able to renew their season tickets but may wish to consider whether they want to renew given the reduced number of spaces. Occupancy counts of the councils other public car parks and the private car parks within the city show that there is enough spare parking availability for vehicles that have been displaced from Merton Meadow car park.

Merton Meadow car park holds around 763 vehicles and the average number of vehicles that park on the car park is around 590 per day.

Therefore around 359 vehicles will be displaced from the car park. We foresee the closure being in place for around six months.

Prize Bull Jackpot Over £1,500

This from HUST:

The Prize Bull Lottery Draw is tonight, with a prize of over £1,500 available.
The Prize Bull Lottery offers a jackpot prize for the person correctly predicting the four numbers selected each Monday night from 24.
You can join the Prize Bull Lottery with a monthly standing order entry or via Paypal. More details at
You can now buy your Prize Bull Lottery entries with one-off weekly payments.
You can purchase either 3, 5, or 10 entries online with no ongoing commitment by using the Buy Now button below. The entries will have random numbers generated for them, and these will be emailed to you prior to the draw.
With the draw being done at 7pm each Monday, we will have a closing time of 5pm for these random entries in order for the numbers to be sent out.
This week’s Prize Bull Lottery jackpot is over £1,500.