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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Council Told "In Last 48 Hours" Football Creditors Have Been Paid

Councillor Tony Johnson And Hereford United Supporters At The Council HQ
At today's march to Herefordshire Council headquarters at Brockington, Council leader Tony Johnson read out a statement:

Herefordshire Council has received the following from the new owner of Hereford United Football Club.

"We wish to leave all leases for the club in the name of Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited. We have paid all football creditors and have been accepted into the Premier Division of the Southern Football League."

The council has accepted this information in good faith.

Council leader Tony Johnson told fans the message had been received 'in the last 48 hours' and, in response to a question from Councillor Jim Kenyon, said the Council had not been paid their £65,000 despite assurances they would be paid.

The claims that football creditors have been paid were instantly dismissed by the assembled fans, with two former members of staff taking part in the march confirming they were still awaiting payment. Rob Purdie also confirmed that the players had not been paid.