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Thursday, April 03, 2014

SD's Kevin Rye On H&W

Supporters Direct Development Manager Kevin Rye spoke to BBC Hereford & Worcester this morning.

Howard Bentham asked Rye if it was correct that, long term, the club couldn't just keep on going through fundraising: "I don't want to sound like the harbinger of doom every time I turn up at these places to talk about what's going on.

"Beyond the attempts, and the brave work, of supporters which is going on we have to keep in our minds the fact that it has happened because of poor planning at the start. 

"Football clubs go through bad times as well, I'm not saying clubs don't have unfortunate things happen to them and sometimes that does mean that they cannot manage their finances.

"When you get into situations like this, they tend to be man-made. We have to keep in our minds that we're not running an emergency services charity, disaster relief. We're trying to run a football club.

"You've got one director, Dave Preedy, trying to co-ordinate all of this. Where's the chairman at this point?

"I'm not calling for a lynch mob to run through Hereford - I'm asking a question that you've got the football club in this position, everyone needs to be pulling together in the short term, everyone needs to be part of something to stop this happening again and again."

After an interjection from Bentham about David Keyte's whereabouts and the money he has put in, Rye continued:

"Pumping £600,000 into this football club - that is wrong. It is wrong that anything is happening at a football club that requires anyone to do that. We've got to keep in our minds on what happens next. 

"Dave Preedy said something about everybody pulling together. That is right, but the club has to be run in a totally different way in the future so we don't have to keep going through this."

Fan Russell Cheasley agreed with some of Rye's points: "We need a different model to running the club. We need to be more commercial. The ground is an asset, but is it being used to the best advantage when you consider it has football played once every two weeks."