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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foyle And Pre-Season

In an extended live interview this afternoon, Martin Foyle spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester about pre-season at Edgar Street.

Firstly he was asked by Terry Goodwin for H&W how easy was it to switch ones phone off especially on holiday.

"You've got no chance," said the Hereford United manager.

"You are more accessible, ten or fifteen years ago you only had the office phone and the home phone.

"Agents can get you anytime of the day, they don't care when they phone you. At the end of the day they are just trying to give you a player or recommend someone.

"So you've got to listen especially given the position we're in this season."

What about the players signed to date?

"A lot of people will analyse what we are going to bring in, how many we are going to bring in but, so far, the fourteen that we've brought in through the summer I've got to say I've already got a selection problem, like getting eleven out of that fourteen.

"Obviously we've got to get a few more in.

"From last season we've only got Luke Graham on board so it's a massive change around."

Foyle was then asked if any more players from last season might sign again.

"They made their demands at the end of last season, what they were looking for. You can totally understand some wanted to play football, some were worried that perhaps they should get a job and play part-time. They all had their own bits and pieces, I totally respect that as today is a harsh environment, especially in the football world."

Foyle reminded listeners that there isn't too much money at Edgar Street at present.

"I'm working for Hereford and we've got to make another (cut-back) this year but we understand the plight the club has been in.

"The chairman and the board of directors have put a lot of money in, probably too much money, so we've got to re-address the situation."

Keeper Daniel Lloyd-Weston was signed by Foyle earlier this week.

"I had him when I was manager and he was in the youth team at Port Vale. Then he had a spell at Cheltenham.

"He's good lad, a good size. And I want two first team goal-keepers to put pressure on each other."

And what other players is Foyle looking for?

"I want a mid-field player, a striker who can play wide and a utility player.

"I think this utility player is so important especially if we are going for smaller numbers. Someone who can play like left back, left mid-field and also wide left mid-field.

"We will have to chop and change. We know we will get injuries, suspensions. I just hope they won't be as harsh and at the wrong time as last year especially with that transfer embargo as well.

"I've got to get players who can play thirty, thirty five games minimum a season."

Pre-season training starts on Monday.

"Players come back in better condition these days.

"We monitor them over the first two or three days, then testing into the following week, then it comes down to half a game then 60 minutes. Just break them in slowly.

"It's not so much about results but to make sure the eighteen, nineteen players get through and ready for the start of the season."

Foyle admited he would like to get involved.

"Me and Andy Porter are the biggest kids going around and with Pete Beadle on board as well we enjoy our football.

"We are lively and you want to get involved.

"Andy can do a bit more running than me, I've just got the whistle and stop-watch, you know you're getting a bit older!"