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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Supporters Trust Meeting Tonight 7.30pm

With the Supporters Trust meeting at the Richmond Club tonight, starting at 7.30pm, spokesman Jon Hale spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester yesterday afternoon about the meeting.

He told presenter Andrew Easton: "The idea is that the supporters feel more involved in the decision making that goes on. In some cases, Trusts have had one or two members on the board of directors. 

"It makes people feel they can ask questions of the club, get questions answered, and feel their involvement is more important to the club and to get the club to sustain itself over a long period of time.

"We all know there have been financial hardships at the club. We've had this 15 year cycle where the club has these crises where we all have to dig deep and put money in and keep the club going. Obviously this last year has been very difficult."

When asked about the basic problem being a lack of bodies through the turnstiles, he added: "If you can empower people to become more involved, by way of being a member of the Trust, those people instantly feel more connected to the club, more willing to go to games on a Saturday afternoon or a Tuesday night. 

"It's a way we can get attendance figures up, get interest going again. There's a lot of people around the world that support Hereford United and the Trust can be a platform to bring those people together to the benefit of the supporters and the football club."