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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Great Start To The New Year says Keyte

Hereford United chairman David Keyte has said that today's win at Kidderminster was 'a great start to the new year'.

"And we've put an end to Kidderminster's run," Keyte told BN.

"Somebody had to do it, they knew it would have to go sometime I'm sure.

"Probably a reverse of the home match. 

"Even-stevens at three points each over Christmas."

Martin Foyle had two new players on the pitch this afternoon.

"Very impressed with both," said Keyte.

"I think Chris Sharp put himself around which we had brought him in to do, got the penalty, I think he got in front of his man. We'll take it.

"He worked very hard bearing in mind he's not had full time training.

"And I was very impressed with the right back Andy Corbett. Close to man of the match but I think we'll give it to James Bittner." (who pulled off some excellent saves including a penalty)

The interview then moved on to the injury and transfer situation. Firstly  a mention of Sam Clucas who wasn't on the teamsheet.

"He's got a knee injury. Hopefully he'll be back in for Saturday."

As for anyone leaving?

"We've had no contact with anybody."

What about players coming in?

"We've got another lad coming in this week. He's from Fulham and he's coming in initially for a month.

"He's a left-sided defender, James Musa, a Kiwi. He's only a young lad.

"We've got so many games stacking up and Martin is keen to have enough cover."

Finally any chance of Chris Todd returning?

"No, there's not."