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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HUISA Statement - Fans Forum To Be Held

After a constructive two and a half hour meeting with the Chairman and Dave Preedy, the HUISA Committee would like the following statement to be released:

We asked the Chairman what the club were currently doing to assist with the financial plight. A share issue is being explored further as was mentioned at the shareholders meeting. There is a feeling of there being a lot of 'dead' shares so the possibility of raising capital through a share issue is ongoing.

Gary Peters' contract was terminated by mutual consent as a further cost cutting exercise and the club are looking daily at ways to save money. They are very aware that it is or paramount importance to be looking at 'cutting the cloth' accordingly and actively cutting costs for any potential future investment.

The Board are still pursuing the link with Herefordshire Council over the bond that was allegedly lodged for £100,000 which was to be released upon the renovation of the Supporters Club. Minutes are trying to be located and acted upon.

The Club have enlisted the help of Hereford MP Jesse Norman who has written to the CEO of HMRC, with a view to them extending the timescale for the payment owing to them. He has received a holding letter from them whilst matters are looked into. After initially offering a payment to HMRC, a decision was taken not to pay them as their view was that if we did not make the full payment then they would still look to commence legal proceedings. In the light of us needing to win a vital Cup match to secure much needed capital, it was decided to pay the playing staff which will hopefully secure a good result on Saturday.

At the request of HUISA, the club have agreed to reform the successful Liaison Committee which involves the Club and the associations meeting and galvanising in a combined effort to weather the storm and take the club forward. 

In the light of this HUISA have arranged a Fans Forum to be held in the Starlite Room, hopefully on Wednesday, November 14th, 7pm start, where supporters can gather to share any fund-raising ideas that will benefit the cause. It is stressed that this forum will be looking forward to the future and not backwards. We feel that all factions working together are our best hope of seeing this difficult time through to a successful conclusion.

HUISA's movement into the 21st Century is being worked on at present with hopefully the setting up of a website with a little help from our friends!

Let's not forget, Hereford United Football Club belongs to all of us, not any one individual or association.