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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marry In Haste, Repent At Leisure

The departure of Tim Russon from the Bulls board ends his 'marriage' with David Keyte.

The pair had no knowledge of each other until they seperately approached the club when it was put up for sale in April 2010. At their debut press conference in June 2010, Keyte told the assembled pack: 

"We got together in the last two months. We'd come at it from seperate angles. Joan Fennessey put us together. Delighted with the early workings. 

"I might be the hard nose businessman, quiet but determined, but I think we've got a nice marriage here that Tim is the communication/TV guy that can get things moving to the community."

The pair were welcomed by Bulls fans, and the openness of the duo well received. A fleet of fans forums were held, the unpopular caterers were axed, and younger fans encouraged back to the club with a new club mascot and 'guards of honour' from local schools.

However their partnership was soon tested when fans called for Simon Davey's head after a disasterous on-field start. In that instance the board made a swift decision but, as time wore on, when a second such decision was needed over Jamie Pitman, towards the end of 2011, the duo were split and no action was taken when the majority of fans wanted to see the axe wielded again.

Russon's statement last night spoke of his 'deep unhappiness' at the situation within the club. Divorce was probably the right answer.

It is understood that he still retains his shareholding in the club, the second largest behind Keyte. Deciding who should take on that responsibility is as big a decision as any during his time with the club.