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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Relegation would have cost £500K says Keyte

David Keyte, the Hereford United chairman, is delighted the Bulls will be in League Two again next season as relegation would have cost the club £500K.

"I think when we look back over our first year it's been quite a journey," Keyte told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"In all honesty we probably made one or two wrong turns and had to reverse out of cul-de-sacs but yes it's nice to get over the finishing line.

"I would like to say I thought the crowd was superb today.

Part of The Meadow End This Afternoon

"We always thought there were 3,000 people wanting to come out and help us and they were here today, Great Day.

"Since Christmas Jamie Pitman and the team probably couldn't have given much more than they have.

The players coming back onto the pitch after the game

"In the last couple of months he's fallen on a formula based on the players he'd got, the 4-5-1. No pretty at times and I think Stuart Fleetwood in the last four or five matches has been out on his feet. But it was working.

"Jamie is his own man which I think will stand him in good stead.

"Had we lost the Football League grant that's about half a million pounds a year we would be worse off.

"So significent result today."