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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Managers Reaction from Hillsborough

Firstly Jamie Pitman for Hereford:

"I thought it was a tight game up until their second goal, which was a big blow.

"None of their players appealed for the penalty. There was some confusion but the linesman gave it. I will have to see it again.

"I don't think that we deserved to lose 4-1."

Secondly Alan Irvine for the Owls:

"It was a great result for us and I'm delighted to be in the last 16.

"It was a big result for the club and it was a big result for me. With the way that things are, I'd be very naive if I didn't think it was a precarious position for me to be in at the moment.

"We've done well after the cup games and hopefully we'll do well after this one."