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Friday, August 27, 2010

Temporary Stand To Seat 650

Earlier today Hereford United revealed that a new temporary stand would be erected on the Blackfriars End at Edgar Street. It will seat 650 away supporters.

The stand will be ready in time for the visit of Oxford United on September 11. It will probably be used for several other games, such as Shrewsbury, when the away following is expected to be more than around 600.

Currently there is space for some 233 away supporters in the Len Weston terrace with 430 away supporters seated in the elevated section. With the new stand 1313 away supporters will be able to be accomodated at Edgar Street.

The stand is a temporary measure until such time as the Blackfriars End is re-developed which looks as though it will not be until next May at the earliest.

Away supporters will pay the same to sit in the new stand as in the terrace given it will not be covered.