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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sheridan happy with Result

Chesterfield manager John Sheridan was pleased with his sides 4-0 win over Hereford but still had a few kind words for his opponents.

"To win 4-0 and keep a clean sheet is, hopefully, confidence boosting," Sheridan told Radio Sheffield.

"Hereford are a strong team and they'll cause teams problems. We had to defend at times and I knew they would cause us problems if we gave cheap free kicks and corners away."

Sheridan was asked to comment on the Hereford penalty.

"I've seen keepers sent off for it but he made a geniune attempt for the ball.

"I can understand that Simon (Davey) thinks he should have gone because I would probably have said the same.

"I do think that if a keeper makes a genuine attempt to try and stop the ball he shouldn't be sent off.

"The penalty save changed the game because it would have been totally different game at 2-1."

Sheridan said he didn't see the reported incident involving Sean Canham.