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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Davies on Hereford United's Progress

Former player Gareth Davies joined BBC H&W's Keith Hall at the commentary point at Edgar Street this afternoon.

"I supported the club as a kid that's why I left Swansea City and how I'm friends with Simon as we were there together," said Davies.

"I've always supported Hereford United, always been a fan, always will be and the club is close to my heart.

"It's nice to see a lot of chances and I can see that things will move forward as a package not just with the first team.

"It's nice to be back watching the team and hopefully playing a part in developing its future.

However Davies sounded a note of caution.

"Nothing happens in five minutes," he continued.

"Having spoken to the chairman and Tim Russon it appears this is a long term project and this is about bringing the community back together.

"I think the fans want to be part of the club. That's what a club like Hereford United is all about - or that's how I remember it."

Asked what he does these days, Davies replied that he is working for the Welsh FA.

"I'm a football development officer in central Wales. Quite a big area to cover."

Davies then clarified his position as regards the Bulls.

"I've just said to Simon and David that if there is anything I can do voluntarily for the club in the future that's all it will be.

"There's no job, it's just me being a supporter and an ex-player.

"The club gave me my career and if I can give anything back for free then I will do."