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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ground Watch System for Edgar Street

Hereford United have asked supporters to join them in an Edgar Street Ground Watch System. This follows an incident after Wednesday's friendly against Plymouth Argyle when their team coach was leaving the ground.

"This seems to be a random act, and the culprit most probably has no connection with Hereford United but we want to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again," said Bulls vice-chairman Tim Russon. "Every right minded citizen of Hereford wants visitors to be given the warmest of welcomes.

"We'd like our fans to help keep watch us as they come and go from the ground not just on match day but at any time and report anything suspicious to the police. Hopefully this was an isolated incident and the Plymouth team the unfortunate victim. It could easily have been a passing car on its way into or out of town.

"Two or three thousand extra pair of eyes will help keep the streets of Hereford peaceful."

Russon said the club would employ extra stewards outside the ground following the incident which occured at the junction of Blackfriars Street and the A49.