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Friday, June 25, 2010

Singh's Sour Grapes

Darlington chairman Raj Singh has issued a statement on their OS about the move of their ex-manager Simon Davey to Hereford United.

"I'm absolutely infuriated," said Singh. "I've said nothing since we discovered he would end up at Hereford on Tuesday but I've listened to what they've all had to say today and they're just insulting my intelligence.

"The rumours about Davey going to Hereford surfaced just under a fortnight ago, on Monday June 14, and as the saying goes, there's no smoke without fire.

"These rumours suddenly emanated from the Hereford end while Davey was in the States and uncontactable, and yet he wasn't being linked with any of the other 91 league clubs, so it begs the question, why Hereford?

"Then David Keyte makes a statement saying they will appoint their manager in 10 days, which suggests they knew exactly who it was going to be.

"Low and behold, 10 days after Davey has emailed me his original resignation, Hereford announce him as their new manager.

"The supposed States job was a smokescreen for this whole charade and for Davey to think everyone at Darlington FC believes it is an insult to the club and our fans.

"It seemed convenient that nobody, his agent and his friend of 10 years, our manager Ryan Kidd, could not even get hold of him, but I don't believe that, either.

"Davey was not big enough to speak to me direct and that's the most disappointing thing in all of this.

"It's difficult to sit on the fence in these situations when someone is blatantly taking you for a ride, but I'm absolutely livid.

"It just goes to show that Hereford United and Simon Davey cannot be trusted. They are not honourable people and don't do their business in the right way.

"I can sleep at night knowing that I do my business properly. I certainly don't consider making illegal approaches.

"I've been asked about taking the legal route but in my view it isn't worth it. Unfortunately these seedy deals do go on in football.

"We'll maintain our approach to the way we do our business and be grateful we've had a lucky escape with a manager whose word I can't take at face value.

"I just hope Hereford's fans don't pin their hopes on what Davey has had to say too much. I found it ironic that a lot of his comments today mirrored what he said when he joined us in April.

"He's walked away from one job since then, resigning by email, and has apparently turned another down after accepting it before going on to say 'all the right things' at another club.

"Having just taken over at Hereford after a turbulent time for their fans, I'd suggest Keyte rethinks the way he goes about his business, despite his comments today insisting he's done nothing wrong.

"I'd never want anything bad to happen to another club simply for the sake of their fans, but with the chairman and manager they have in charge now, I wish them all the very best of luck."