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Monday, January 25, 2010

Football Leases will Return to Club says Turner

Graham Turner has said that he is hopeful that in time the club will hold the leases at the 'football part' of Edgar Street after a carve up of the total site. This news will be welcomed by all interested in Hereford United. Currently the leases from Hereford Council are held by Formsole which is a company jointly owned by Carillion and Richardsons. Turner explained what the club will finish with.

"The ground will the be divided up into the football facilities which will include the new stand of 1500. We are hoping the Meadow End stand will hold 2500. That's 4000," Turner told the OS.

"Then we have 1800 in the Merton Stand and 1400 (in the Len Weston). So around the 7000 mark.

"All the things included in the football facilities will be given a new lease to the football club.

"The long term future of the club will be assured in as much as they have a long lease on the football facilities.

"Then we have the outside facilities, the commercial facilities, they will become an income stream for the club.

"The difficulty comes with finance. We require for the stand we full amount we can get from the Football Foundation and we have ring-fenced some money to put in ourselves which is substantial.

"We are hoping the architect comes back with a figure we can afford and what the football foundation can put in.

Turner mentioned the historic Jackson Covenant.

"It's a restriction of use and provided we comply on the football side of it - things like no betting on the ground, no dog racing are in the agreement. Within the perimeter of the football ground it will be purely athletic purposes."