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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fans Force Meeting With Cardiff Directors

Cardiff City supporters have forced the directors to verbally agree to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Cardiff City Supporters Trust told the club they would contact shareholders to ask for a meeting but then club, realising that only 5% of the shareholders need make a request, agreed to a meeting.

Cardiff are said to have debts of around £30M and need to pay a tax bill of £2.7M by February 10th or face a winding-up order. Manager Dave Jones can not sign new players until the bill is paid.

Cardiff City Supporter’s Trust chairman Paul Corkrey told the Western Mail that a meeting is vital

"We take this verbal agreement by the club to hold a general meeting as a positive step," said Corkrey.

"We were confident of enough shareholders agreeing to force a meeting, but that the club looks likely to accept our original request is something we most definitely welcome.

"There is no mischief-making or anything from our side, but given the current situation supporters are quite rightly concerned about the future of their football club.

"We want to use this meeting to give the club the chance to outline the current, short-term and long-term financial plans they have in place.

"You cannot have a business plan at Cardiff City based on things that might or might not happen.

"We want see a financial structure in place at Cardiff City which does not rely on takeovers of the club or getting promoted.

"You cannot run things like that.

"A general meeting would give the club the opportunity to outline their financial position and that would be in the best interests of the club itself. This is a good opportunity for the club.

"If we are shown finances are in order we will walk away from the meeting singing the praises of the club.

"But answers need to be given and we welcome the chance for those answers to be forthcoming."

For the record HUISA, the Hereford United Independent Supporters Association, own 2276 shares in Hereford United which is over 5% of the total shareholding.