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Monday, November 23, 2009

If You've Both Got The Same Name...

...then you're bound to get confused at some point. Ask Stephen Vaughan.

We reported over the weekend that Vaughan had sold Chester to his son, Stephen Vaughan junior. Apparently that was not the case - as Vaughan claims 'Junior' was the owner all along.

The only problem is Vaughan appears to have confused everybody with his previous statements like the one to the BBC on October 22nd where he declares, in the first 15 seconds of this interview, that he is the '100% owner' of the club. Everybody accepted that as fact, until Vaughan told local radio station Dee106.3 on Saturday in this interview that his son was '100% owner' and 'has been since day one'.

Safe in the knowledge of who the club's owner actually was, intrepid members of the Devachat forum went off to check whether the correct Stephen Vaughan was registered as owner of the club with Companies House. Apparently he isn't, with the full shareholding being held by Vaughan senior. Neither is claimed chairman Ian Anderson actually registered as a director with them.

Meanwhile Vaughan junior has returned to Chester after a loan spell at Northwich as he's needed to bolster their increasingly thin squad. The move has nothing to do with FA regulations about the owner of a club being involved with another team. For three months. How he fits in playing for another side while running Chester without any help from dad is anyone's guess.

I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding with paperwork, and there probably is no need for an FA investigation...