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Friday, August 28, 2009

Supporters Initiative Launched at Yeovil

For whatever reason or reasons Hereford United have dropped open days and fans forums. Even the liason committee meetings have been few and far between. Yet down the road at Yeovil they are about to launch a Supporters Liason Group.

Yeovil already have a Supporters Liason Officer, Sara Bradley, and she has outlined the aims of the new group which are "to develop and improve the club/supporter relationship".

The SLG will meet bi-monthly with Sara for the course of the year with the first meeting arranged for next month. The group's main aim will be to purely focus on matters that directly affect the supporters and their experience at Huish Park.

The SLG will discuss general agenda items rather than specific questions as this will ensure a more concentrated approach on key areas within the club. Ideas generated from the meetings will be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration at their next meeting. An article regarding the meeting will appear on the club's official website within 48 hours.

"I feel that the SLG will provide the perfect opportunity to highlight any issues or put forward any new ideas that may benefit both the club and its loyal fans," said Sara.

Update Saturday: Yeovil has a 'journey from hell' yesterday when their team coach was held-uo on the M5 near Avonmouth because of a possible suicide attempt. The coach had left Yeovil at 11am and arrived near Huddersfield, their opponents this lunchtime, at 11pm.

They will face two formers Bulls, Lionel Ainsworth and Theo Robinson who both start for Huddersfield.