Next Game: Preseason Friendly - Evesham Away on Tuesday 17th July at 7.45pm

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hartlepool HUISA tickets on sale today.

Fans wishing to travel to watch next Saturdays game at Hartlepool can reserve and pay for seats in Legends from around 1.45 pm today. Full details will be available from lunchtime but a departure of 8.00 am and a fare of around £24 is expected.

Hartlepool is actually quite an interesting day out despite being very cold if the wind is blowing off the North Sea. Non-football loving members of a family can find plenty to do while those with HUFC affliction visit Victoria Park. The ground is close to the new (ish) multi million pound marina where a tour on an old "tall" ship can be made. A short walk takes you to the old town, which is steeped in history.