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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lovely feeling to score against Bulls says Mclean

Peterborough United's Aaron Mclean has hit out at Hereford United supporters who reminded him last Saturday of his confrontation with Andy Tretton, the Bulls' defender, that led to Tretton being sent-off in a Conference play-off game five years ago.

"I'm still not very popular in these parts. You'd have thought they'd have got over something that happened five years ago by now, but clearly they have nothing better to do than abuse me," Mclean told the Peterborough Telegraph.

"I had to go back to the team coach before the game to pick up my iPod and some of their fans had a go then.

"I took no notice, but it was a lovely feeling to score against them. I scored here for Aldershot a few years ago and celebrated by impersonating a bull while a team-mate pretended to be a matador.

"This time I just put my fingers on my head to show the horns of the bull. It's fair to say I enjoyed the moment.

"To be honest the stick I get here just motivates me to play well and to score. I certainly don't let it affect me."