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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Day, Another Club In Trouble

One time foes Fisher Athletic are the latest club in crisis, with the Conference South side deemed unlikely to finish the season.

The FA have imposed a transfer embargo after former player Stevland Angus claimed for unpaid wages. Angus never appeared for Fisher, with the club claiming he was never fit. The Conference had already placed an embargo on them under their financial rules, and players have not been paid for three months leading to a rapid depletion of the squad.

They travelled to Team Bath on Saturday with only eleven fit bodies after three players quit in the week, losing 4-1, and expect more departures soon at which point they will be unable to field a team. Since leaving their home ground five years ago they have shared with Dulwich Hamlet, meaning they have no matchday income as it all goes on rent. Ambitious plans to redevelop their own ground have failed, leaving it a derelict unusable shell.

Their demise may help fellow Conference South side Worcester, who were given breathing space by the bank yesterday. While their £50,000 overdraft was not extended, they have been given until the end of January to come up with an action plan to increase revenue. The players have been paid in full for December, but will face wage cuts in January, and the club bar will have new management and a refurbishment over Christmas in an attempt to boost sales

Meanwhile even well run Conference side (and we don't get many chances to say that) Altrincham have warned they are currently running at a loss. The part timers, who pride themselves on running a tight ship, note that the loss of potential TV revenue and an early exit from the FA Trophy has dented their budget and cuts are likely if finances don't improve. The board have successfully erased debts of old and have no intention of putting the club back in that position.