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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Millwall blast Fry's inflamatory comments

A Millwall director has responded to comments by Peterborough's director of football Barry Fry.

It all stems from the moving of Saturday fixtures to a Friday evening. Three of Peterborough's home fixtures have already been moved with talks on-going about two more.

"We want to protect the city of Peterborough. Leeds, Leicester and Millwall fans have a reputation, and we want to give them less time in the pubs before kick-off," said Fry.

Peter Garston, a fans respresentative on the Milwall board, has responded

"Once again the majority of Millwall fans have been scape-goated for the actions of the minority of football fans generally," he told Peterborough Today.

"We are copping the brunt heavily for a problem that is football-wide, not just League One or Millwall.

"The right and fair way around the issues would be better policing and more efficient stewarding employing a common sense approach to handling football fans."

A Millwall spokesman added: "Mr Fry's comments are in themselves somewhat inflammatory.

"We will of course support Peterborough United and the police with any reasonable measures to ensure this fixture passes off without incident.

"However, the fact that Peterborough have just been promoted to our division and haven't faced us in a decade suggests that Mr Fry has reacted to Millwall's past reputation, rather than taking account of the recent history of good behaviour from the majority of our travelling fans."

Meanwhile Millwall have sold former Hereford United trialist Chris Zebroski to Wycombe for a reported £20,000.