Friday, April 25, 2008

Everyone is ready for action says Ben Smith

Hereford United midfielder Ben Smith has been telling the Worcester News that he thinks Stockport will chase the Bulls until the end of the season for the third automatic promotion place.

"Of course we are confident. We have had an excellent campaign and we know that all we have got to do is keep doing what we have done all season," said Smith.

"There's a little bit of added pressure but good players, and we have got plenty of those in our team, thrive on that.

"We had three really tough games a few weeks ago and came through them still a point ahead of everyone else which is the best we could ask for.

"Depending on results, we can get promoted at the weekend. But my personal feeling is that, with the way the season has gone and the run Stockport are on, it will go to the end of the season.

"However, a win puts us in a great position.

"Stockport have got 48 points out of their last 60 so they are more than capable of winning their last three games but there is a bit of pressure on them.

"Everybody is fit and ready for action if called upon."

Meanwhile manager Graham Turner has said that he has plenty of options for the last game of the League season despite Gary Hooper having to return to Southend afer tomorrow's game against Brentford.

"It was nice to see Theo Robinson coming back and getting his goal. I've got combination possibilities with Trevor Benjamin coming in or Steve Guinan coming back in.

"So it will be a blow to lose Gary but I feel I've got replacements that can come in and take his place."