Monday, April 28, 2008

Club expected to reduce prices for Saturday

Both Graham Turner and Joan Fennessy have hinted that admission prices on Saturday for the last game of the season could be reduced.

In an extended video interview with Richard Prime of the Hereford Times, Turner said he hoped for a good turnout next Saturday.

"We look likely to reduce prices slightly for the weekend and we hope it's a nice carnival party atmosphere.

"The players deserve it. The supporters that follow us the length and breadth of the country deserve it. So let's make it a good day."

Joan Fennessy, the club secretary, also spoke about Saturday.

"We are hoping to do a little bit of an offer on the prices for Saturday. It will be nice to have a real good atmosphere."

The ten minute video contains interviews with Graham Turner, John Trewick, Wayne Jones and Joan Fennessy. Go to

UPDATE: Hereford United has confirmed the following prices for Saturday. The match is NOT all ticket.


£13 adults
£10 concessions
£6 children


£11 adults
£8 concessions
£5 children

Children under 10 will be admitted free of charge if a ticket is collected before Saturday. They can be reserved by telephoning the club on 01432 276666.