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Friday, February 22, 2008

Chester Not Paying Wages?

Rumours have circulated for some time that Chester City are on the brink of Administration.

Few solid facts have come from the club in regards to their financial status since Stephen Vaughan quit as chairman in December but it is now understood that players wages are not being paid on time, if at all.

Speaking to the press before the weekend game with Chester, Mansfield boss Billy Dearden became the first to 'go public' with the problems at the Deva Stadium: "It is a shame they are having problems. At times players' wages have not been paid which shouldn't happen but does happen."

Dearden himself is a former Chester player, and a friend of Chester boss Bobby Williamson. Since Vaughan's decision to quit the club has won just one of 14 games, and have cut six players off the wage bill. Former players Phil Bolland and Gavin Ward, both now at Wrexham, acknowledged in a radio interview that there were problems with wages.

Vaughan faces a summer court case over two cars he purchased in 2005. He is alleged to have fraudulently obtained finance deals on the cars and insured them under false pretences, and there are also theft charges over the vehicles.