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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrexham confirm Bulls Interest in Matty Done

Wrexham Football Club has confirmed that Hereford United are interested in signing Matty Done, their young winger.

Manager Brian Little has told the Wrexham Evening Leader that discussions between Done and himself will take place today. He also said that Peterborough are chasing the signing of Chris Llewellyn.

"There has been interest in those two and we will talk to them and see what is the right thing to do," said Little.

"If something is going on, we will be honest with the player and sort things out amongst ourselves. We don't hide things from players and they are aware of interest in them.

"But players at our end are still our players. If they are happy and want to be part of things then that is fine by me. We will come to the right conclusion."