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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Barnet lead - others may follow

Barnet Football Club, who play at Edgar Street tomorrow evening, are still being praised for their idea only to allow their captain to speak to the referee about any decision during a game.

The Football Association have decided to try out the 'Barnet' idea in eight county FA leagues.

According to the Daily Telegraph if the 10-week pilot scheme is successful, the FA will work with the PFA, Premier League and Football League to introduce the rule into the professional realm next season.

Clubs will agree in advance that the lines of communication can flow only between captain and referee. Anyone else attempting to join the inflammatory appeals process will be told first to "back off" and then be cautioned (as is permissible, although rarely enforced, under current Laws).

Barnet boast a vastly improved disciplinary record since taking striker Adam Birchall's advice to cede all debating responsibilities to the captain. Dissent has disappeared. Referees, who are human, are known to respect Barnet more.

It will be interesting to see Barnet put their idea into practice tomorrow evening and how, if at all, referee Taylor reacts.