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Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Midweek Game for Bulls

Hereford United do not have a mid-week game so have a real chance to recharge their batteries before the visit of Hartlepool in next Saturday's second round FA Cup game.

Several of the Hereford players looked a little tired this aftenoon. Most of them have played six games in the last 21 days and probably deserve the break.

It isn't yet known whether the injury Richard Rose suffered this afternoon will keep him out next Saturday but Trent McClenhan should be back in contention for a place if required.

Hartlepool were defeated 2-1 by Gillingham this afternoon and are 15th in League One. Last season they were in League Two and Hereford supporters who watched the game at Hartlepool will remember a particularily good game which the home team won 3-2. Earlier in the season when the two teams met at Edgar Street the Bulls came out on top by 3-1.

Both teams played good football at those two games and Hereford United coach John Trewick told BBC Hereford and Worcester that he is looking forward to the same next Saturday.

"They do like to pass it. Danny Wilson instills that in his teams. I hope they do come and play open attractive football. We'll take them on at that and hopefully get through to the third round," said Trewick.