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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We should be celebrating the last twenty four hours

Hereford United supporters should be today celebrating the on field performance of the Bulls at Birmingham last evening but instead events concerning the life-ban of Martin Watson and the closure of forums has taken center-stage.

It is difficult for this website to present a balanced report on what's gone on because there has been nothing official from the club.

Watson's ban was made public on the Independent Forum as around two thousand Bulls supporters were on their way to St Andrews. His statement, a copy of which was printed on here earlier, details the reasons he says he has been banned by Graham Turner.

Perhaps not surprisingly there has been nothing from the club.

Then this afternoon came the news that the Official Forum was to close. Mark Farmer, who has been closely involved since its inception, said 'the forum administrators no longer feel that they have the time to moderate the forum effectively.' He also cited more work with the Official Website as another of the reasons. (His full statement can be read further down the page)

However Farmer's statement doesn't reveal if the moderators had asked other supporters for help in running the Official Forum. Quite why they chose today to close is also difficult to comprehend.

So the two main forums that have served, or failed to serve depending on one's point of view, Hereford United supporters are to close. Whatever their faults there have been many constructive and informative posts that have been appreciated by readers. And they have been a way for individual fans to give an opinion on virtually any matter.

What are we left with - the Official Website, vastly improved over the last few months and now worth a regular visit, Bulls News which can and does cover a wider range of subjects and will continue to do so, and a new independent forum which, as far as is known at present, will be moderated by persons not resident in the UK.

The new forum, Bulls Banter, can be found at: